Oluanai Presents

2020 Creative Portrait Season

a Summer of fun photos for you!

A new way of getting photos! Oluanai will be hosting 6 creative photoshoots you dont want to miss out on. You can buy a session individually or save some cash and do all 6, plus a bonus session! Each session is going to be a head turning epic concept like what you have come to expect from Oluanai. Check out our concepts!

Perfect for seniors, models and creatives! It's simple. Just choose the event or events, or get a whole season pass. You can add hair and makeup. Each session has ben selected because it is a head turning amazing concept. Each event is limited to small numbers so that only a few clients will have these images. Get ready for some epic photos!


Chalk Action Shoot

You an athlete? Bring it! We'll do an amazing (although extremely messy) chalk shoot to show off your mad skills! Perfect for soccer, volleyball, football, dancers and more! May 22, 2020 at T&C Farms in Laurel, MT

$350 (4 spots)

Smoke Bombs!

It has bombs in the title, so of course it's going to be amazing! You have to do it! June 5, 2020 at T&C Farms, Laurel, MT

$350 (8 Spots)

Moss Mansion

Moss Mansion is one of Billing's most epic locations with so many options. Get dressed up and let's shoot some elegant high end concepts!

$350 (8 Spots)

Shoot Your Car

Bring your or a friends car for an epic magazine style shoot. June 11 Downtown Billings

$350 (4 spots)

Fashion Gels

Athletes, models, creatives all love gel shoots. They are a blast and very unique! June 25 at Oluanai Studio

$350 (8 Spots)

War Paint

Go all out with face and body paint and shoot a warrior, or post apocalyptic concept! July 10

$350 (6 Spots)

Pricing & Packages

Individual Shoots

Each shoot is only $350. You get 5 images. First come first served.


Season Pass

Flex by booking them all! 5 images per shoot. Hair & Makeup Included! You also get a bonus top secret shoot. (No reschedules, partial refunds or makeup shoots avaialble).


Hair & Makeup

As Available. Per shoot.


Tickets go on sale 12:01 May 13!


You can't order tickets until we've finalized the dates and locations but you can get on a waiting list. Let us know which events you're interested in buying. All individual shoots are $350 and you'll get 3 images from each shoot.