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the need for Branding

If you're starting any business, you have your hands full with challenges and obstacles. Among them is the reality that you're starting up your business against a lot of established competition. Regardless of how amazing your product, service, or experience is, you're going to need to cut through the noise to get people in the door. But how do you do that?

Branding shoots are designed to get the attention of your audience, communicate your message, uniqueness and impress the idea that you're the best at what you do. No two branding shoots are the same, and we customize your branding session to your business needs.

Take Chris Robertson

Chris is starting a fitness training business. He's capable, charismatic, experienced and the perfect person to help you reach your health goals. He came to us, because as he launches his business he wanted content to get him started strong and we're glad Chris came to us because that's exactly what we do.

For Chris the task was obvious. Chris is a multifaceted person. Not only is he physically talented, he's also professional and approachable. Those three tones would carry our photo shoot.

Chris is approachable.

Chris is professional.

Chris is talented.

Branding that works

Individually, these images are fantastic. They would capture his audience and definitely get him some business, but together the variety is going to work for Chris for years to come. They simultaneously focus on each of his strengths in a way that is going to maximize his reach.

Chris Robertson | Fitness Trainer

its your turn

If our photos of Chris got your attention enough to ready our article, then we'd suggest we could do the same for you and your business. Of course the content would be different, and our strategy might change, but the end result would be content that get's people to stop and give you their attention while you set yourself apart from your competition.

What's your message?

The first step is to ask yourself, what makes you different, better, and appealing. This might take a little time to hone down if you're just about to launch and it could possibly change as your business adapts. Sometimes business owners fall into the trap of thinking they're the same. You're not, but you maybe to close to yourself to see it. Some business stand out because of their culture, their aesthetic, or their team. For others is a value, focus or philosophy. If you're struggling to find your message, we can visit your business and help you figure it out.


To some degree most businesses want to communicate some level of personality. To what degree and the way that personality is expressed is going to greatly impact your branding and your images. Oluanai for example, doesn't lean heavily on personality for commercial products, but we do for modeling development. That's because commercial clients are more interested in our abilities than they are about our personality. In modeling development our personalities in studio can be just as important as the quality of our images however because our clients often feel vulnerable and nervous to try modeling. Similarly, your business might have to consider the role of personality in branding. Once, you've reached a decision, your branding session will reflect it powerfully.


At the end of the day, branding relies heavily on image. Think about the businesses that skimp on the quality of their image. Their message becomes irrelevant. Their uniqueness is valueless. Why? Because our clients are estimating the value of a product and service based on what things look like more than anything else. Sure, some customers do a lot of research but not the majority. Most people are just going to look at your photos and decide if you're the real deal or not. That's the power of branding. And don't judge them for it, you're doing the same thing to us while you read this article. Did we pass?

We'd love to meet you

Our studio is by appointment only, but we'd love to set up a sit down meeting or give you a call to talk about how we can get you stunning images that take your business to the next level.