Commercial Branding Project

What is commercial Branding?

To really set your business apart from your competitors, high quality content can leave a strong impression and communicate in a powerful way with your prospective clients. At Oluanai we use Commercial Branding projects to help you identify the key messages you wish to convey and then create a branding shoot specifically designed to get you impressive photos for social media, web and print. A good commercial branding package does three things.

Impresses your clients

Your prospective clients know the difference between a stock photos and professional images of your business. Stock photos and amateur photography might fill up your social media accounts and website, but they definitely don't set you apart from your competitors. A good commercial branding project will get you content that shows your potential clients that you are established and trustworthy.

Communicates your message

What sets you apart from others around you? Is it customer service, personalized care, quality products or a luxury experience? Nothing communicates your message better than a carefully considered commercial branding shoot. Images do not just convey the idea, they evoke a response and create a connection with your staff.

Gets you lasting attention

Commercial images are an investment because they tend to last for upwards of 5-7 years. This is why it's so important to work with quality photographers like Oluanai. Your images will be in use grabbing the attention of your potential clients for upwards of a decade. These images will do the heavy lifting for your marketing in print magazines, web advertising and email blasts. Good images will work for you for a long time.

Treena Nearpass PT, DPT, CERT.DN

Professional Headshots

Getting good photos of your team that look consistent and are professionally edited is another important aspect of a commercial shoot. At Oluanai, we treat "simple" headshots with the utmost care. Each photo is shot in high resolution so that we can edit wrinkles, blemishes, scars and shadows so that you can display them confidently as profile photos, publications, advertisement and email signatures. We leave nothing up to chance with our photos. We have in studio hair and makeup teams, in house editing and multiple background options to get you the perfect set of team photos.

Architecture Photos

As business owners, we might grow used to our work spaces, but for your clients, inviting photographs of your shop, clinic, store or studio, convey a sense of familiarity and comfort. They can take the "unknown" out of the process and remove another barrier from reaching you. They can be used to communicate a nuanced emotion such as welcoming warmth, or meet a practical need as explaining parking and help identify your building. All of this conveys a sense that your business has thought of everything to make the process as simple as possible. Your competitors, on the other hand, will remain a complete mystery.

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