Photographer shootout

Hey photographer friends, I have a cool event for you. On June 11, at T&C Farms in Laurel, I'll be hosting a creative portrait shootout and optional photography workshop for $75. Our models will be rocking flower crowns and smoke bombs and even doing gymnastics in chalk. The concepts are a ton of fun, but it's going to be geared specifically for photographers who are very new to their cameras but obviously if you're more experienced you're welcome to shoot with us. We have a team of gorgeous volunteer models who'll be fantastic for our shoot and will get you amazing photos.

The Concepts

Floral Crown Portraits

Smoke Bombs

Chalk Shoots

What will you learn?

Camera Basics

If you're new to photography come early so I can show you all the buttons on your camera and get you figured out to shoot in manual! It's not that hard to be honest and with an experienced photographer by your side, we'll get it right!

Posing Models

Posing another person is one of the hardest things to learn. It doesn't matter if you're photographing your kids or a super model, there's a trick to it. The good thing is that there's some simple tips that go a very long way to getting great shots from anyone even if they are shy!

Working with Flash

Flash might be intimidating, but again, there's just a couple of basic rules you'll need to know before you're off doing amazing photography that even experienced photographers don't know how to do. I guarantee you'll be surprised by it!


  • 4:00-5:00 PM Camera Basics: What do all the buttons do? When do you switch lenses? How do you shoot in manual mode (it's not that scary)
  • 5:00-5:30 PM Posing a Model: When you're taking photos of people there are some very basic things you can tell people to get them to be natural and beautiful. You'll practice posing models with one of our own volunteer models!
  • 5:45 - 6:45 PM: Floral Crown Shoot: You'll work with a gorgeous volunteer model rocking a gorgeous dress and wearing a beautiful floral arrangement.
  • 7:00 - 8:00 PM Smoke Bombs (Optional): Smoke Bombs are a lot of fun, we'll group up and shoot some colorful fun shots.
  • 8:30 - 10:00 PM - Chalk Shoots: Chalk is the most complicated because it involves flash, but I want to show you how simple it can be if you follow some simple instructions. On your first day, you'll get amazing photos.

Meet our models




Smoke Bombs


Smoke Bomb




Smoke Bombs



Floral Crown


Floral Crown


Floral Crown


Smoke Bomb


Smoke Bombs





why $75

Our primary value at Oluanai is quality so while we want to keep this workshop as low cost as possible, smoke bombs, flower and other materials cost money. Rather than hodgepodging an event together, we're going to get everyone set up right.