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Jenna Van Mowerick | RN in Training, Model at Heart

A Blast from the past

I moved to Montana from San Diego to be closer with my family and I love it here. I have a full life and photography has been amazing. Every now and then, a friend from my old life shows up and I get to revive old friendships. I've known Jenna for a long time and when I lived in San Diego, she was one of my go to models. Shooting close friends is something i really miss from living back home.

Jenna recently got engaged and I was honored for her to visit with her fiancé Tanner. We got to spend the week traveling and getting some amazing engagement photos. Their lovely visit got to include an amazing model test.

Good for the heart

Not all my model tests are for professional models. In fact, Id say almost half of my model tests are for girls who just want to shoot as a hobby. That doesn't mean that girls like Jenna aren't amazing models, though. Even though she's going to be an RN, Jenna is a spectacular model. She's absolutely gorgeous, outgoing, fun, adventurous and like my photography (yes, that's important). The fact that I could reconnect with someone I've known for so long in my new world, gave me a sense of familiarity I haven't experienced in years. Honestly, it was good for the heart and I think it shows in the quality of what we got.

Old work

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We started our shoot with a simple warmup in a crop top and jeans. Jenna is the whole package as far a models go. She's beautifully proportioned, has a stunning physique and killer eyes. For this shoot I wanted to take advantage that she has a slim torso and long legs. These stretch poses really show off her healthy lifestyle.

First Look

After a quick warmup, we jumped into a body suit that again let us show off her legs, and slender figure, while still keeping attention on her gorgeous face. We added a little bit of bling to make it fun, ad tried out a few expressions.

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In tradition with a standard test shoot, we headed off to the river to get a few shots in swimwear. This time I wanted to play around with a messy look, knowing that Jenna isn't afraid to get a little messy.

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If you're a fan of my photography, you know that, athletic shots are some of my favorite, even though I'm far from a sports photographer. Jenna's natural physique and healthy living makes her a model with a great range so we couldn't pass up on a fashion shoot.

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Creative Portrait

We include creative portraits for all of our model test shoots. Since we were just a few weeks away from Halloween at the time we made sure to include some fun Halloween themed smoke bomb shoots. The heavy eyeshadow, fun H&M top and fitting leggings made for a fun, but sexy look.

PRO TIP. Apparently some people can react to smoke bombs! So beware. Although smoke bombs are not toxic some people have a hard time breathing in the smoke.

More shots to come

When I shoot friends, a lot of time I got back ad more photos to the gallery so realistically I'll be adding more photos. Especially since there are multiple looks that I haven't even gotten to yet. So come back and check this post from time to time. For now I'll leave you with a word of gratitude to Jenna and some shots of her & Tanner from behind the scenes.

Thank you both so much for visiting. I'm honored to be a part of your lives, even if we not in touch very often. Love you both and hope this isn't the last time we meet.

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