What are Composites?

Composites are a lot of fun to shoot and enjoy for years. The flexibility of a composite allows a family to pose in wildly creative ways to reflect each member's personality and interests. The technique in photographing a composite is also a lot of fun. Because kids get to express themselves in fun ways, they have a blast and participate the entire time. Composites have a lot of options. For families who want a more formal, traditional portrait, it allows for each member to pose on their own to get the best expression and pose. For families who want to have a lot of fun, composites allow for imaginative, even impossible poses to show off their true selves.

Limited Series

For the holiday season Oluanai is doing a limited series of family composites for local Billings families. This year we are only photographing 10 composite sessions. We want to keep these concepts unique, so book early.


  • Extremely creative
  • The whole family loves the process
  • Each member can express their unique interests and personalities
  • Very unique photos

Things to Consider

  • 1-3 images per session at the most
  • Takes about 45 minutes to shoot


The Family Composite Package start at $1,250 and include:

  • Photography Session
  • Planning Session
  • 1 High resolution digital file
  • 1 Large Canvas up to 40"x60"
  • 100 premium postcards
  • 2 art prints up to 17" x 22" (not framed)
  • Additional images are $250

Book a Session

If you're interested in a composite session, let us know. We'd love to capture your family in a truly fun and unique way.