The Engagement

In Billings, it's easy to say "let's shoot at the Rims" or to suggest Two Moon Park. And of course, nothing is wrong with that, I'll shoot engagements there, but I want whatever location we choose to have some kind of meaning to the couple who's hired me. In this case, the significant location was a hill 2.5 hours from Billings. In college Sarah had taken summers to volunteer at a Christian camp. On her breaks she'd have to climb this hill to get any reception and call friends and family. This became an important place to her and one she wanted to share with Tyler. When she described it to me, I realized this had to be the spot, no matter how far (or cold) it turned out to be.

I'm so glad we shot here too. The drive was a great chance to connect with Sarah & Tyler who are amazing people and we had a blast hanging out. When we got there, the scene was just perfect and gave us a chance to get some gorgeous images despite the low temps.

01 / 06

The Wedding

The wedding was held in beautiful Luther, MT. A gorgeous cabin hosted the bridal party and a small church housed the ceremony. The entire event was focused on honoring family and friendships.