Stay at Home

I've spent most of the last month chilling at home with my four kiddos, doing skits, puzzles, reading to them the Hobbit, and play fighting. It's been a fun forced vacation. It's been nice to be honest. Yeah, money's tight and the business took a hit, but it's good taking time to slow down and enjoy the things that really matter. Just when this high strung photographer got used to the time off everything changed. All of sudden the calls started coming in to book senior sessions. I guess it's that time of the year... and I'm ready!

My son... I don't konw what the hell he's doing.

For the senior class of 2021, things are off to an interesting start. You're going into summer with a global emergency, extended summer, and missed out on a chunk of your junior year, but at least you're not the class of 2020, am I right? (too soon? ok that was uncalled for).

Well, either way, the senior photo season is officially off with booking coming in even during the stay at home order and with those booking comes a lot of questions so I want to give everyone some things to consider!

Book early

The best photographers book up quickly, so you want to get a jump on it, especially if you want a specific concept like a flower field which will not last long. Most photographers also do weddings, so you don't want to miss out on great photos by waiting too long. Early birds book photographers as early as the end of their junior year. and ideally you want to have that question settled by mid-summer.

Be creative

Yeah, you'll need some of those cheesy cliché photos for your parents to put on their desks, but we'll make sure you also get some really cool and creative shots. Think ahead of time of your hobbies, interests, favorite places, and ideas you might have for your photos.

Dress Accordingly

Some senior concepts lend themselves to more flexible wardrobe. A generic girl-in-field shoot for example could go boho, or chic or sporty. Depending on your plans with your photographer, a creative shoot will require specific guidelines (specific colors, types of prints) and some practical limitations (shorter dresses make a lot of poses difficult).

Some Sample Ideas


Piano in the Rain

“One of the most complicated senior shots I've ever done was for Wiett who wanted to play the piano in the rain. I went and bought a gorgeous piano on craigslist for $2, took it to the pier, set up the lighting and sprayed him with a hose. That ended up being a fun shoot, and more importanly got him the concept that he wanted.”

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your turn

The 2021 season is off to a start. If you're curious what Oluanai can do for you, please give us a call 406 530-4050 or write us a message. Either way, we want to hear from you!