DIY Modeling Digitals

Taking digitals is not what most models imagine when they are getting into the business. No makeup, no creativity, no editing. Digitals are basically glorified mug shots. Nevertheless, digitals are so important because they are the images that agents and managers want to see first. The good new is that agencies do not require that they be shot professionally. So you can submit DIY digitals shot at home with your phone. Obviously, at the studio we're shooting digitals with high end cameras (Fuji GFX 50s), but the tips are the same non-the-less.


Your digitals should show off your figure without being overtly sexy or distracting. The most common looks for digitals are black jeans, tank and heels and black swim with black heels. Some models shoot digitals in black underwear and bra. That's fine, but not as common. Make sure your clothes are simple, without patterns, colors or texture. At Oluanai we shoot one legging look and one swim look.

Standard Modeling Digitals Looks


For digitals, you need to stick to natural light. Tungsten and florescent lights are not the most flattering. Never stand with a light source to your back. Have the window off to your side, or behind the person taking the photos.


Do not pose "like a model". You want to look as natural as possible. Remember these are not about your talent. Agencies just want to see your figure, skin, hair, eyes, smile, etc. You want a relaxed pleasant expression. Think "nice mug shot". :)

Shot List

The photos you'll need to submit vary from agency to agency. Most only want 2-3 shots, but you'll need to check with the agencies you're interested in before you shoot your digitals.

Modeling digitals must be shot all natural.


Modeling agencies want to see what you really look like. Keep your makeup to the absolute minimal. Remove your piercings and any false lashes. If an agency can tell you're wearing lashes or makeup, they'll trash your application.

Be & Take Care of yourself

Just like anything else, it will be a while before you get really comfortable with modeling digitals. They take practice and experience. The important thing is to take care of yourself, your skin, health, appearance, physique. If you want to be a model, you are your own business and your appearance is your business. Invest in yourself. Take it seriously, and it will show in your digitals.

Modeling digitals are how you show off all your hard work.

About the author

David is a photographer and owner of Oluanai. He specializes in model development, commercial photography and boudoir in Montana. He has been published over a dozen times, is an award wining portrait photographer and has experiences working with agencies in several states.

David Looney | Oluanai

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