Why are digitals important

Digitals might seem very boring. They lack creativity, editing, or even posing. They look like anyone could have taken with a cellphone. In the industry, however, digitals are probably the single most important set of photos a model can have. They are critical because unlike portfolio shots that show models with tons of makeup, editing, and in dramatic lighting, digitals are clear representations of the model. This is the first thing any agency will ask for. Your experience, portfolio and professionalism will come next, but the very first thing that any agency will ask for is your digitals. Same thing with clients or photographers who are casting an ad or magazine shoot. Digitals are absolutely important. If you don't have digitals, a client or agency wont even consider you because any time spent on a model without recent good digitals could be wasted. The last thing a client or agency wants to do is spend time setting up meetings, or a project only to find out that a model looks different than the portfolio images they sent. Digitals are so important because they are very raw and natural.

Saige Garcia

What are digitals?

Digitals are a set of images that are shot in front of a plain white wall with natural light. They cannot be edited or manipulated. Digitals should clearly show a model's skin, face, eyes, hair and figure. They must be shot in simple wardrobe. Simple black pants and tank, or swimwear will do nicely. Digitals do not have to be done professionally for agency applications, but because of their importance, many models choose to opt for a professional set of digitals.

Elle Salmi

Bella Harris

Getting the best digitals

It will probably surprise most models how difficult it is to take good digitals. First, because models are used to editing, makeup, and a lot effort going into their shots. Digitals are the opposite, models are natural, evenly lit and have nothing to work with. Second, posing is not recommended for digitals. Model's should have a very natural stance. Even the image of Bella (right) might be on the fence for digital purposes. Most agencies will be extremely particular in regards to the exact poses they want to see.

Sinopah Rose

Oluanai Digitals

At Oluanai Studio we understand the importance of good digitals. Since most of our models are applying to agencies in major markets in different states, face to face meetings are not common and models have to rely on their digitals to get a meeting.

We take pride in getting clients the exact images they need for their clients and agents. We charge $150 and turnaround time is usually 48 hours, since we cant edit the images. For more information you can check out or Model Development services!