Close to home

I got the call to photograph the AFSP's Yellowstone Walk to Fight Suicide just days before the event. The previous week I had been calling around to various organizations to see if I could volunteer some of my time, but no one reached out to me. The AFPS wasn't on my list because I didn't even know about them. As it turns out, they found me by pure luck as their photographers had cancelled on them last minute (I wasn't told why).

It was a pleasure to be a part of this event, as suicide is something that hits close to home. I've struggled with depression for a large part of my adult life and I am no stranger to suicidal thoughts and have lost friends to suicide. During my most difficult and embarrassing times, I had good friends who made a lot of sacrifices and effort to encourage me and keep me floating. I quite literally owe them my life and am forever grateful.

Attending the event was a powerful experience. Seeing so many people affected by suicide, was eye opening, heartbreaking and unexpectedly encouraging. There's an entire community out there, fighting for people who are losing hope. I am proof that it works, and am excited to join them.

A Powerful Day

The Yellowstone Walk to Fight Suicide

The Shoe Display

A Powerful Visual Display of the Issue