you're amazing

Oluanai is looking to partner with Montana's top models. Model's need quality content and photographers need promotional help. Together Oluanai would like to make a formal partnership. We believe you're a premier model in Montana and if you're willing to represent us, we're wiling to return the favor with quality content below our studio cost.


  • Below cost shooting with Oluanai up to 4 shoots at $125/session including hair and makeup
  • Preference for promotional gigs: you're on the top of the list when Oluanai shoots for publications (e.g. Billings Lifestyle).
  • Preference for ambassadorships: when we're asked to photograph product for a business Oluanai Elite models will be the first ones offered to shoot and represent those brands.
  • Exposure through Oluanai advertising at galleries (i.e. the mall and magazines and online)
  • 10% cash back from any clients you refer to us (get us a wedding, that could be a $320 check to you)
  • Presence on the landing page


  • Initial fee of $50
  • Instagram & Facebook Bios must be public & include links to @oluanai
  • Promote Oluanai sales, activities, publications and brands on all social media platforms
  • Attend yearly group shoot ($50)
  • Photograph with Oluanai 2-4 times a year ($125/session)
  • Publicly wear and promote Oluanai branded swag (hats, hoodies, etc)
  • Elevate the Oluanai brand

What this doesn't mean

  • Oluanai Elite is not an agency. Your agency is still your agency
  • We are not paying you for gigs or finding you paying gigs
  • You are not exclusive to Oluanai, as long as you meet the requirements and have @oluanai model on your bio you can shoot with anyone you want

What this does mean

  • You make us look good, we make you look good
  • You promote us, we promote you
  • You get low cost shoots, we get model reps

So what's the goal of all this?

Simply put, we want to elevate our Oluanai Elite models to be the most recognizable and sought out models in Montana. We want to promote, and elevate you and show off Oluanai photography to the entire state and region. With you representing us, the more elevate you, the more we elevate ourselves. Even if you shoot with other photographers, we want to promote you as you represent us. Simply put, we want to support you as you support us and we want to go all the way to the top.

Nevaeh, Oluanai's First Model

So, are you in?

If you're interested we want to know about you. The best way to get our attention is by tagging #oluanai_elite on Instagram or tagging @oluanai on facebook. You can also send us your photos to or fill out this form.


How do the shoots work

Schedule your shoots with Kamara, you can shoot with Oluanai as much as once a month. When you schedule your shoot you'll pay the $125 when you schedule the shoot not on the day of. For each shoot you get 10 images edited within 2 weeks.

Can I shoot for Celestiales?

Yes, models who are 18+ can shoot for Celestiales. Maybe we'll do a "#CelestialesAngel" thing :)

What if I can't make the group shot or VIP Event?

We'll do our best to pick dates that are fair to everyone, but yeah it's a requirment because we want to elevate the team as a single model unit. Just like Victoria's Secret has their Angels, we want Oluanai Elite to be the most prominent models in the state.