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Shooting Schedule



9 AM - Heather Ray

10 AM - Jacoba

11 AM - Danielle

Bella Anna

9AM - Rayna

10AM - Anna

11AM - Jadyn

12PM - Lunch

1PM - Cara

2PM - Maisie

a2 Pix

9AM - Jacoba

10AM - Heather

11AM - Rayna

12PM - Lunch

1PM - Sophia

2PM - Simone


9AM - Jadyn

10AM - Danielle


9AM - Lindsay

10AM - Rayna

11AM - Simone

12PM - Lunch

1PM - Jadyn

2PM - Cara Rose


9AM - Open

10AM - Lindsay

11AM - Heather

12PM - Lunch

1PM - Jacoba

2PM - Anna

3PM - Danielle

4PM Jadyn

5PM Sophia

6PM Simone

Shoot with Multiple photographers

This is the only time and place that all of Montana's most popular photographers come to one place to shoot.

Meet Montana Agency reps

Agency reps will be there to meet and answer any questions you have about getting signed.

Have a ton of fun!!!

Meet lots of models, enjoy Chico pool and build your portfolio. There's no better way of doing it!

The Photographers

Eileen Bobinski

Eileen Bobinski stands out in Montana for bringing a bold and colorful approach to fashion and beauty photography. After earning a degree in Commercial Photography from Northwest College, Eileen brought the world of fashion photography to Billings, Montana.

Today, she primarily works with models doing test shoots to help build their skills and portfolios. Bringing out their confidence and beauty in a relaxed atmosphere is a highlight of hers.

Garrid Klippness


Hi everyone! I've been shooting for 14 years. Started off working with NoTies fresh faces in San Diego, and now I get to do model development in Montana! Can't wait to shoot with you!

Time & Place

This year, the expo will be at Chico Hot Springs Resort on Saturday August 21, 2021. Come for the shoot, stay for the pool :). Sessions start at 9AM