Learn to Model

Starting Spring 2021

Here at Oluanai we are beyond thrilled to welcome Adrianna Moss to Oluanai Studio as she teaching modeling! If you love shooting, social media, and fashion, modeling might be for you and there's never been a better time to get started. Like any career, it involves training and guidance, and you don't want to navigate it alone. You want a trustworthy, experienced mentor leading you through.

As Montana's premier photography studio, Oluanai is excited to host Adrianna Moss as she teaching modeling here at Oluanai Studio!

About Adrianna

To say that Adrianna Moss is a successful model is the understatement of the year (just google her name to see how active she's been). Adrianna is a model, manager and photographer. She knows modeling from every angle and we are beyond excited to partner up with Adrianna for Oluanai Learn!

The Classes

Oluanai Learn is in the initial planning stages and our course offerings will expand as we develop the program. For now we're excited to announce the following classes.

Social Media

Social media an important piece to modeling. Adrianna will explain the importance and role of social media as well as how to use social media to give you the leverage you need to succeed in the business.

Model Movement

Get actual in-studio experience at Oluanai Studio with Adrianna Moss as your modeling coach! Adrianna will teach you modeling movement, makeup tips, studio etiquette and the legal side so that you're more than prepared to start shooting with professionals.

Professional Modeling

There's a whole lot to modeling. Adrianna will explain the business of modeling, help you find your place, and give you a career path to succeed.

Stay in the Loop

Are you interested in learning to model? Send us your contact information and when the "Learn Modeling" program opens up we'll send you all the details!