What is Oluanai?

Although, Oluanai is a little new to the high school senior portrait world, we are not amateurs. In fact, Oluanai is the premier portrait and editorial photography studio in Montana. We are the studio of choice for modeling agencies, publications and seniors around the country who do not want to settle when it comes to high quality images. You might recognize Oluanai photography from local and international publications as well and advertising. Oluanai has proudly become the standard for high end photography in Montana. Oluanai has worked with many of Montana's most recognizable business such as

  • Billings Lifestyle Magazine
  • A&E Floral
  • Neece's
  • Creative World Inc,
  • Harper Madison
  • Stacked
  • Burger Dive
  • Premier Aesthetics
  • Rocky Mountain Entertainment Agency
  • Glacier Model Management
  • and many, many more...
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Senior Rep team Overview

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Oluanai Enters the Senior Portrait world

Two years ago, we decided to take our high end editorial style to the senior photo market and we have been received with great responses. As we dedicate more and more toward senior portraiture, Oluanai is excited to announce that, for the first time, Oluanai will be creating a high school senior version of the Oluanai Elite model team. On May 12, 2021 Oluanai will unveil the new ‘Oluanai Senior Model’ rep team and we want you to be a part of it. 

What is Oluanai Senior Model rep Team?

What is Oluanai Senior?

Until recently Oluanai has been primarily known for commercial and editorial work. We mostly worked with models, agencies and small businesses looking for amazing content to improve their brand. As part of our branding we developed Oluanai Elite - Montana's best known model team comprised mostly of professional models. For 2021, Oluanai will create a high school senior version called "Oluanai Elite Senior" comprised of seniors from all around the state.

The Oluanai Elite Senior team is all about showing off the very best of Oluanai photography. We are looking for seniors who want to all out with their senior photos to create content that stuns our community and even goes nationally viral. We are looking to create never-before-seen concepts that amaze our audiences and set a new trend in senior portraiture nationwide. Essentially Oluanai is going to bring the same passion and creativity that goes into major campaign photo shoots to senior photography and we want some models to bring it to life.

Senior Videos

Clarissa Ball

The Perks

What do you get?

First and foremost, our models are going to get an absolutely elaborate, all-day photoshoot. That includes a hair & makeup team and wardrobe. This is the core of the package when models join the Oluanai Elite Senior team. We need to get a spectacular shoot that grabs the attention of everyone who sees the images.

Before that main shoot, however, models will come in for a smaller-scale photo shoot to learn how to model and get some social media content. This will help get the model comfortable with the shooting process so we get the absolute best out of the main shoot. Additionally, models will have their massive 30”x40” canvas displayed at the mall and get to keep it after graduation. The package includes postcards featuring the best photos of from their shoots for friends and family. The model’s family will get an 11 x 14 portfolio book with 2 images from each shoot which will perfect for framing or showing off as a book. All photos come with a photographer release so that family members can print their own photos at any time. Membership also includes Oluanai swag for both winter and summer to proudly display and show off their Oluanai Elite Senior status. Finally, models get a free photo magazine showing off their amazing work and 50 graduation cards to send off. Any additional products the family wants, will be sold at a discount.

So to recap... as an Oluanai Senior Model Rep you get...

  • Editorial Senior Photoshoot (valued at $3,500)
  • Posing workshop (valued at $350)
  • 3 Free Group Shoots (each valued at $350)
  • You get to keep your canvas from the mall gallery (valued at $500)
  • 11 x 14 Portfolio of all your shoots up to 25 images (valued at $350)
  • 50 high end cardstock infinity print graduation cards (valued at $150)
  • Oluanai Swag (Valued at $150)

What does it take?


To become a member of the Oluanai Elite Senior team and get everything included in the package is just $2,500 – almost HALF of what other photographers charge for their midrange packages. Seniors must have at least one parent present for each photoshoot (even if the senior is 18). Models must have a positive, active and public Instagram account. We are looking for both male and female models who are in the class of 2022 & 2023.

No Commitment trial Shoot

On Tuesday, May 18 at T & C farms we'll be doing a trial shoot for potential Oluanai HS Model reps. There will be three looks, glam, smoke bombs & flower crowns. If you or your parents aren't sure if this program this trial shoot will be a fun way to see how you feel about these shoots. It costs $150 and if you decide not to join the team, you can keep 3 low resolution images for yourself. If you do decide to join the group, you'll get 5 high resolution files, 2 prints and the $150 will be applied towards the program costs.

Are you ready for an epic year?

Got questions?

You can call or text the studio number at 406 530-9800 or email david@oluanai.com. You're also welcome to set up a time to visit the studio downtown for a face to face meeting.

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Actually I was a professor for about 12 years. I have two degrees in Biblical Studies, Ancient Near Eastern Archaeology and studied geography and languages in Jerusalem (I'm Mexican). My whole life, I've done photography as a hobby and semi-professionally. Nine years ago, I was approached by modeling agencies to work with their models and that was the verification I needed that I was "good enough" to be a professional. I have four kids and am married to my high school sweetheart.

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