Senior photos are some of the most special pictures you'll ever have. They commemorate a major mile stone in your life and a fantastic academic achievement. These are the photos, people share with their kids and grandkids. Oluanai goes the extra mile to make sure your photos are absolutely amazing. We aim for truly creative concepts, meticulous editing, and picture perfect locations. In combination with 14 years of experience those extra steps result in images that celebrate your accomplishments.

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Pricing & Packages


- 3.5 Hour Shoot
- In Studio*
- Hair & Makeup
- 20 images
- 3 Art Prints


Editorial Seniors

- Full day shoot (6hrs)
- 30 Images
- Hair & Makeup
- Multi-Location*
- 3 Large Art Prints



- Custom exclusive concept
- Full-day shoot (8 hours)
- 40 Images
- Multi-Location
- Hair & Makeup
- 50 Post Cards
- 3 Large Art Prints


About Our pricing

Most photographers in Montana charge a small attractive sitting fee but then require clients purchase overpriced print packages that cost an average of $2,000 or more. We do the opposite. We cut our costs by charging for the time, and including the images and prints with your package. We've surveyed the most popular local photographers and priced ourselves well below their costs. Oluanai is not only a better image, our pricing is straight forward, there are no awkward sales meetings and the final cost is much less than our competitors.

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