Let us Boost your social media

You have a great service and product, but how do you get the word out? Obviously word-of-mouth is the holy grail of advertising, but what if you don't quite have the traction to support your business with testimonials from your clients? That's where Oluanai Elite comes in! Our model team has developed a social media following of local followers who trust our models as influencers and can provide you with the reach to get your services and products out to more people.

For small businesses with small social media presence, our team can improve your reach by 2,000% in some cases.

Stunning Images + Local Incluensers = Oluanai Elite

While your competition is using their photographer friend to get cheep photos to get you something for Instagram, Oluanai is on a different level. What makes Oluanai Elite so powerful is the combination of amazing images and local influence. Because Oluanai is respected at the premier editorial photography studio in Montana, we are the premier studio for models and agencies in the state. That means we dont just give you images, we help you promote them by casting local models who have tediously developed their social media to promote your business. If you have an Instagram that averages 50 likes or less. We can easily create content and promote it in a way that at the very least doubles your interactions. In some cases we can actually get you 5 or even 10 times your typical interaction. Most importantly, our models are local and their followers are local. So the likes you'll be getting on your content are from new and relevant people who are actually interested in your products and services.

Because the content is shot by us, you can also get double duty out of it. Our high end images can double for print ads, or display banners online. These images stand the test of time and impress everyone who sees them.

How does it work?

Choose a model

The Elite team has models who vary in social media reach and demographic influence. That means we can pair you with models who represent your key demographic. If we don't have the right model for you, we can cast one. The Oluanai Elite team currently has 12 model on the team!

Choose an Event

We want to get you the most out of our shoot. If you're looking for maximum reach, we can come to your small business and set up a live (virtual) shoot in your own space. This will get the most people interested in your space and elevate your brand. If you're on a smaller budget, we can shoot in our downtown studio. Either way, we'd promote the event live on social media and tag your business to maximize engagement with your accounts.

Post your content

You get more than just photos from your photo shoot. We also create IGTV videos, reels, BTS, stories and of course, edited images from the photo shoot. At every point we are getting you engaging content that the whole town will be talking about.

Continued Engagement

Our models are contractually obligated to post and repost Oluanai content so your model(s) will continue posting your content, as well as reposting your content. In the end, the experience will generate a swell of interest in your products and services.

The Benefits of Oluanai Elite

When you bring us on for an Oluanai Elite event, you get a lot more than just a few photos.

  • We create amazing content for you. Not just fashion shoots. We create a variety of content
  • IGTV videos
  • behind the scenes videos
  • Interactive IG stories
  • live videos
  • Amazing images from your photo shoot that become the talk of the town.
  • Continued reposting and promotion from your model.
  • Reposting your posts by their fans, agencies and IG groups
  • Re-sharing your stories
  • Tagging you in their content


A & E Floral


What does it cost?

We've intentially priced ourselves to be competitive with the costs of an medium size social media ad. With an Oluanai Elite event however,

The cost of a shoot is determined by three factors, the cost of the images, the cost of the model and the cost of the project.

  • Images are $100/image with a 10 image minimum. Enjoy $50 images for your first Oluanai Elite event with us!
  • Models are $35-$200 ($.50/average likes over last 10 posts).
  • Cost of project is reflected if a client has a concept that requires extensive preparations or props.

*A live photo shoot with 10 edited images, live video, monthlong campaign, BTS videos, and IGTV video, and a model who averages 100 likes per post, would cost a new client $550.


How effective are these campaigns?

Although this is a new service, our initial test runs have demonstrated upwards of 2,000% increased interactions for clients. If you have a smaller social media presence, our impact would be much more dramatic.

I'm not sure how to incorporate a model for my business.

For some small businesses, the concept for the photo shoot will require some creativity. We've been able to help restaurants, hotels, bars, floral shops, and more.

How fast can i see the impact of a social media campaign

The social media results will be emmediate. We have seen spike in followers and likes as soon as the first post. In one case, we saw a client go from 13 likes to 350 likes when they posted our first image.

Are you ready to take your business to the next level?

We would love to talk to you, give us a call, or schedule a visit to our downtown studio.